Diplomate of the Osteopathic Board of Family Medice

and of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

Travel Vaccinations

Your first visit to my office is very important. This is when we will first meet and you will decide if you are comfortable working with me to keep you healthy. This is also when I get to learn you and your family’s medical history.

When you arrive there will be some registration material that you will be asked to fill out. This will take about 20 minutes. Your visit will be more productive, and I can see you sooner, if you complete the forms before you arrive (they will be emailed to you), or if you arrive a few minutes early you can proceed to complete them.

Please feel free to ask me questions – both medical questions and questions about my background. I want you to feel confident in my ability to keep you healthy. Also, please be candid with me concerning you and your family’s medical history. I’ll need to know what, if any, ongoing medical problems you have so that I may continue treatment of them. Many conditions are partially hereditary, and I need to know if you are at high-risk of contracting the illness.

I will also ask questions that are considered highly personal, including questions concerning sexual activity and mental health. Having just met, I know that it may seem embarrassing to discuss these topics. Please remember that our conversations are completely private and confidential. Physicians are patients too, and we have had to discuss sensitive topics with our doctors also. I understand your feelings about this, and just want to be able to discuss the issues with you so that I can help insure your good health.

I usually request that you return to have a complete physical examination after your first visit, which includes both a urine and blood analysis. This allows me to develop a more complete baseline for your health so that I can better work with you to maintain your health.

Please bring your insurance card, a government-issued photo-id card, the business card of any physicians you have been seeing, and any prescription medications you are currently taking. Some patients have even bought a copy of their medical records with them. This allows me to add your previous medical history to your new file, allowing me to provide you with better continuous care for any ongoing conditions.

Finally, upon leaving the office I’d like to encourage you to take one of my business cards and to keep it in your purse or wallet at all times. In the unfortunate event that you need to seek emergency care, please give my card to the physician and ask that they contact me so that I am aware of your situation and can provide them with any additional information they may need to care for you.

I am confident that your first visit will be a pleasant one, and that we will work well together towards our goal of having you stay healthy.